The Beauty Battle

  Who is that beautiful woman? Do I really look that good? I know you’re skeptical, and rightly so. When it came to getting an image for the back cover of my book, the pressure was on. (My publisher said first time authors don’t have their faces on their cover, but I think people like to know who they’re listening…


Bring Joy Into Your Life With Art

I fell in love last summer, on a downtown street. The street was closed for an annual exhibition. A village of tents held pottery, jewelry, one-of-a-kind clothing, and handmade images of all kinds. It was, as they say, a feast for the eyes, and a painting stole my heart. As I strolled past, keeping watch for the perfect pair of…


Light a Fire with Writing Prompts

Light a Fire with Writing Prompts Several of the stories in my book, “We Drank Wine,” began their lives as writing prompts. Some sprung from writing courses, other prompts were found online. All of them were unexpectedly fun. A prompt is a great spark, and if your let the words lead the way you will be surprised what results.  …



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