Okay… here’s my website. Apparently it is essential I have one to talk to my fans. Hello, how’s it going?

My current book is titled “We Drank Wine.” It’s a collection of linked stories following the lives of four women from being preschool moms to empty nesters. (You should buy it; check Amazon.) My current project’s working title is “Café Conversations”. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Don’t you love to hang out in a coffee shop and eavesdrop? No? Well, I do, and I wrote down what I heard. You’d better hope I wasn’t at the table next to you.


If you are a woman who likes reading funny stories, particularly one "of a certain age”, then pour yourself a glass of wine and click here for an excerpt from We Drank Wine.


Marion Reidel, Upper Canadian Author with a wicked sense of humour. Buy her book, visit her on tour, and also get the tattoo.